At the very heart of our expertise

TnBS’s strength is based on our experience with Digital Transformation Programs for companies or, more generally, organizations. Every Digital Transformation is complex by nature and has to be carried out from a starting state to a target state, while regular business must go on. This Transformation involves technical systems (applications and/or network), but also consists of redefining all the processes and entities affected by the program. Ways of working change inside the company, as does your relationship with your customers.

TnBS is able to provide you with appropriate advice and strong operational support in identifying and clearly defining the starting state as well as the target state. We support you in defining every step of the Transformation, including preparing Request For Procurement documents (in compliance with public or private regulations) if necessary, and selecting the providers of the most appropriate solutions and services for your Transformation.

Some of our missions are more focused (for instance: defining the starting state and target state ; defining a transformation roadmap; auditing the ability of an entity to accept a forthcoming Transformation, etc.) and some are broader when our customers choose a full range of support.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss your specific situation.