Without adequate support, even the best transformation strategy can fail.

Transformation programs bring major changes, impacting your customers and your internal organization.

When poorly managed, these changes can damage your brand, create problems for your employees, and even lead to cancelling a project shortly after its effective deployment.

Every Digital Transformation project is 30% technical and 70% organizational.

Too often, the technical part tends to take 70% of the time, because of the attention it requires on a daily basis (choice of solutions, implementation issues, problems encountered, etc.). The organizational and human aspect then only receives 30% of the management’s attention. The new SaaS, containerization and API technologies combined with the devops approaches make it possible to limit the technical risks: humans (users and managers) are the main risk factors of a project.

TnBS consultants have led a significant number of complex projects. We have learned to quickly identify the key elements of Change Management to take into account in order to ensure their success. Our experience in major Transformation programs will allow you to clearly identify the impacts of your project on your organization and your customers. We will help you to identify, build and follow the transition project in order to calmly prepare the shift to your new way of working.

As part of a larger project, or as a specific mission, we are able to advise and assist you in the actions that are recommended at each stage of the project, according to the four key areas of change management:

– analyzing the capacity and resources of your organization to undertake the transformation, based on its objectives

– preparing for change: processes, organizations, and role to be impacted, therefore all the actors to involve and integrate into the project

– communication plan: in order to overcome resistance to change, allow users to understand and accept changes related to the project and communicate about the progress of the project with the right frequency

– training and roll out: provide training to users so that they can be quickly autonomous and productive when new tools arrive, and continue doing so during the first months after the project launch.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss your specific situation.