Transformation Program Management

Defining, leading, or managing a transformation program.
We bring expertise in change management, program management, data migration.
Our experience in large and complex transformation Programs will help you start on strong tracks – and keep the program on it

Program And Project Management

At the very heart of our expertise

TnBS’s strength is based on our experience with Digital Transformation Programs for companies or, more generally, organizations. Every Digital Transformation is complex by nature and has to be carried out from a starting state to a target state, while regular business must go on. This Transformation involves technical systems (applications and/or network), but also consists of redefining all the processes and entities affected by the program. Ways of working change inside the company, as does your relationship with your customers.

TnBS is able to provide you with appropriate advice and strong operational support in identifying and clearly defining the starting state as well as the target state. We support you in defining every step of the Transformation, including preparing Request For Procurement documents (in compliance with public or private regulations) if necessary, and selecting the providers of the most appropriate solutions and services for your Transformation.

Some of our missions are more focused (for instance: defining the starting state and target state ; defining a transformation roadmap; auditing the ability of an entity to accept a forthcoming Transformation, etc.) and some are broader when our customers choose a full range of support.

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Project Management Offices

The PMO is a transversal and critical entity, and one of the key ingredient of the success of major projects

We carry out missions as much in consulting for implementation (Project ownership), as in operational management of Project Management Offices (PMOs), in the five key roles identified by Gartner.

The PMO can be dedicated to one project, or can supervise multiple projects.

The PMO has a cross-functional role and is typically responsible for ensuring regular and complete progress reporting on key areas (scope, change requests, risks, problems encountered, budget, and deadlines) to top management.

Our team is made up of senior project managers who are able to assist our customers on the full spectrum of project management needs: from a simple support function for our clients’ project managers, to the management of projects or project portfolios. We can assist our customers or entirely handle the following aspects, as part of a PMO in charge of several projects or in the more limited management of a single project:

– management of shared resources between several projects managed by the PMO
– implementation of a project management methodology, best practices and standards
– facilitation, follow-up, training of stakeholders (project managers, and other actors) and monitoring
– audits of projects and their compliance with policies of standards, procedures and models of project management
– development and management of shared policies, procedures, templates and other documents (organizational assets)
– coordination of communication between projects, reporting to sponsors.

Companies that have been deploying PMOs regularly for several years have evaluated their effectiveness, and noted two major benefits: an increase in the number of successful projects, and the ability to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Some companies have led the way in defining a company PMO able to drive several cross-functionnal projects in a structured and professional way. TnBS is able to assist you in defining, implementing and monitoring your company PMO.

From an operational point of view, TnBS also intervenes in “Crisis Management PMO” mode when projects are not moving forward. We help our customers reach a clear understanding of the situation, the causes of the problems, as well as the options available to them and the decisions required to regain control of the projects, and most often we remain involved in the PMO until projects go live.

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Management of Data Migration from legacy to new systems

Defining an effective migration strategy remains one of the biggest success factors of any transformation Program … and its absence the cause of most failures.

Migrating your customer data is complex. It is a meticulous process, unfortunately often under-industrialized. Its complexity and the work it requires are often strongly underestimated.

We offer our expertise and methodology based on our vast experience to help you define and lead this crucial sub-project of your program. From defining the migration strategy to putting your data into production in the new system, we can provide support throughout this process.

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Agilization Of Projects And Of The Company/Entity

Determining the key areas of agilization to get out of tunnel effects and increase your tolerance for change.

Safe. Lean. Agile. From an silo-ed, contract-based delivery mode to a real corporate culture, agile methodologies are now a must in your program management.

Beyond the SCRUM methods, agilization is relevant at all levels of a company. When it is rigorously applied, it can boost your productivity and your capacity to innovate.

TnBS can support you in this transformation, offering you a pragmatic approach to lead you towards a total agilization of your Information System.

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Change Management, Organizational Transformation

Without adequate change management, even the best transformation strategy can fail.

Transformation programs bring major changes, impacting your customers and your internal organization.

When poorly managed, these changes can damage your brand, create problems for your employees, and even lead to cancelling a project shortly after its effective deployment.

Every Digital Transformation project is 30% technical and 70% organizational.

Too often, the technical part tends to take 70% of the time, because of the attention it requires on a daily basis (choice of solutions, implementation issues, problems encountered, etc.). The organizational and human aspect then only receives 30% of the management’s attention. The new SaaS, containerization and API technologies combined with the devops approaches make it possible to limit the technical risks: humans (users and managers) are the main risk factors of a project.

TnBS consultants have led a significant number of complex projects. We have learned to quickly identify the key elements of Change Management to take into account in order to ensure their success. Our experience in major Transformation programs will allow you to clearly identify the impacts of your project on your organization and your customers. We will help you to identify, build and follow the transition project in order to calmly prepare the shift to your new way of working.

As part of a larger project, or as a specific mission, we are able to advise and assist you in the actions that are recommended at each stage of the project, according to the four key areas of change management:

– analyzing the capacity and resources of your organization to undertake the transformation, based on its objectives

– preparing for change: processes, organizations, and role to be impacted, therefore all the actors to involve and integrate into the project

– communication plan: in order to overcome resistance to change, allow users to understand and accept changes related to the project and communicate about the progress of the project with the right frequency

– training and roll out: provide training to users so that they can be quickly autonomous and productive when new tools arrive, and continue doing so during the first months after the project launch.

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Mergers and Acquisitions Management

Choose your target system, review your organization, re-architect your Information System and your infrastructure

Corporate mergers and acquisitions are always a complex challenge for and Information System division: Redundancy of teams and systems, difficult choice of target solutions. Poorly prepared and explained, the reorganizations that follow these changes can have a serious impact on your business.

Using our dual organizational and functional skills, we will be able to help you build the roadmap for merging entities, and define the indispensable change management plan required to support its development.

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Project Audit

Sometimes you have to step back to get back on track.

Unfortunately, projects sometimes get out of hand – much more often than one would think.

Sometimes, the causes are clear (even predictable) and the remedies are simple. For complex projects, however, which take place over long periods of time with multiple internal/external stakeholders, it is common to lose sight of the causes of the problem, and it becomes even more difficult to define an action plan to bring back the project on track.

We have seen some projects costing up to 10 times the initial budget and lasting 5 times longer than the initial plan… Intervening early, at the first signs of a problem, with a project audit, makes it possible to monitor various risk factors and make the right decisions before it is too late.

At TnBS, helping our customers in these situations is our specialty.

Our partners and consultants have a strong experience of complex situations: creation or merger of companies and organizations, complex digital transformations, large IT simplification projects, “firefighter” interventions on projects with our customers, etc.

Through an audit mission of your project “in crisis”, we are able to help you “see clearly” the situation of your project, as well as advise you on the recommended approach to move forward.

Once the audit is completed and recommendations made, we can also assist you in resuming the implementation of your project, until its delivery.

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RFI, RFP: Selection Process Management

A clear methodology to determine the most suitable solution for your needs and the partners most likely to accompany you to success.

Once you have defined the starting point and target state of your transformation, you need to find the right solution that will help you achieve your short, medium and long-term goals.

TnBS provides you with a customized approach, when defining not only your transformation roadmap but also the selection criteria for your new solution.

We know how to advise you in the way that will best suit your organization (its corporate culture and governance model):

– through an agile approach: identification of supplier partners, drafting of specifications, and progressive selection through competitive discussions (functional, technical, operational, budget, roll-up approaches, etc.), support for negotiations, demonstrations, and possibly POCs (Proof-of-Concept)

– or through a more traditional approach, sometimes required by regulations (e.g. public procurement), through the drafting of RFIs (Requests for Information), RFPs/Q (Requests for Proposal/Quotes) and support in candidate evaluations and negotiations, preparation of the selection grid and the recommendation file.

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