Revolutionize the network to reduce costs and speed up time to market

Telecom networks are made up of specialized, high-performance physical equipment operating in proprietary environments and at considerable costs. They are no longer suited to the flexibility operators need to provide new services in a very short time. Network architectures have evolved very little compared to the innovations in the world of IT, especially over the last dozen years with the emergence of virtualization technologies.
The introduction of concepts such as NFV and SDN opens new perspectives. They will disrupt network architectures, should facilitate the deployment of new services while providing flexibility and significantly reducing costs.The SDN makes it possible to deport and centralize the Control Plan. The network is programmable and accessible to business applications. NFV is the application of IT virtualization technologies to a number of network functions. These two concepts are independent but complementary.

Architectures evolve, IT and network come together. The economic ecosystem is changing and the positioning of the players must change as well. Traditional equipment manufacturers are integrating the IT component into their strategy to counter software companies that see these concepts as new opportunities.

However, this transformation can only be done gradually by making current and future technologies coexist in hybrid mode. Many questions arise, there is a very large number of suppliers and solutions and it is very difficult to make informed decisions.

However, many operators have launched proofs of concept, projects and programs. Although the B2B market is a prime target for real-world tests, others have opted for wider strategies for changing the core network.
All, however, have the same questions about the use and implementation of these concepts:
– Should they be introduced into a part of my network? Core, access, last mile?
– To provide which services, which segments of customers?
– Which suppliers to work with?
– Which business cases?

TnBS consultants regularly address such topics and are able to provide advice and support on your projects.