For Telcos, whatever the chosen strategy is, network and IT integration will remain one of their main issues.

Product Catalog should describe and price self-care/self-configuration opportunities offered to customers. Sales systems, CPQ and management of the “installed customer base” must evolve simultaneously. The activation tools will have to exchange not only with the SDN platforms but also with the NFV orchestrators and the legacy network. The mediation is impacted and will continue to play its role with the traditional network elements while offering the collection of information from the “new world”.
New data streams will have to be taken into account for new CEM/Big data Use Cases relating to the network life or to customer experience measurement, as well as to many other elements…
The other aspect, which is very often underestimated in the projects, relates to the standardization of data between the different repositories, the verification of the completeness, accuracy and coherence of this data.
This issue is essential for the successful implementation of these new concepts and must be addressed very early in projects.
Finally, the security and privacy of data in a context as open as SDN / NFV is a key issue that must be anticipated.At TnBS, we have these IT, network and project skills. Do not hesitate to contact us.