Information System architecture and urban planning will guarantee its efficiency and its maintainability

An information system consists of a set of applications and systems, built with your new projects, offers, renovations, or mergers and acquisitions.

Well defined IS urbanization and architecture give clear responsibilities to each system, limit dependencies, and build a long-term roadmap of what the Target Information System will become.

Our way of analyzing your current IS and our knowledge of best practices in this area will help you obtain a precise vision of what your IS target should look like. Our vast experience of TM Forum standards, such as the Telecom Application Map, coupled with our field experience allows us to give you the means to split IS functions into systems, taking into account the needs of agility, the reduction of costs but also the differences in business needs from one business unit to another. Sometimes, pooling skills and technologies is the best approach, as the application pooling between business units can ultimately impact your agility and your ability to meet needs. Sometimes, it makes complete sense to merge two applications into one, in order to greatly reduce the costs of operations and construction.

Organizational impact is also an important aspect, among the major issues of transformation programs.

We can help you in your choices and bring you a clear roadmap. Our operational field experience will also enable you to roll out this roadmap smoothly, and to set up urban planning and architecture centers within your IS division to share this roadmap, define the standards and ensure their compliance. Implementation of micro-services, respect of application perimeters, limitation of dependencies between applications, use of a common business language through standardized APIs, identification of applications in which to invest and those to decommission: let us guide you to resume total control of your Information System