Configure Price Quote, Order to Bill, Online Charging Systems, Network and Service Orchestration… It’s time to straighten things out

After many years of loyal service, you believe it is time to replace your legacy systems and switch to new, more modern, agile solutions that meet your business challenges for the future.

Several questions will arise for this initiative:
– What is my business case? Which are the most valuable use cases? What are the current pain points we want to address?
– What is the project scope? What are the functions and systems to replace?
– Should we buy an off-the-shelf solution, or build our own systems?
– Which integration strategy, and which partner software company or integrators can help me in this transformation?
– Should we turn to SaaS, or stay on an on-premise historical model, or contract managed services?
– What will the impact be on my organization? On my data? On my employees?

We excel in legacy system replacement projects, thanks to our many years of experience on major transformation programs. We are able to bring you the organizational, project, functional and technical skills, which will enable you to address your transformation with a clear, pragmatic methodology, avoiding the pitfalls of any large-scale project.

We will also provide methodology and support for your process and data migration strategy, which remains one of the first causes of failure of these programs when it is poorly controlled.

Finally, our wide knowledge of the business processes associated with our technical and software skills will enable you to choose the solutions best suited to your needs