GDPR became effective on May 25, 2018. Are you compliant?

Complying with GDPR is not just about making sure you do not get fined. It is about gaining and keeping your customers’ trust, and understanding the power you hold by holding your customers’ data.

To fully comply with GDPR can be challenging, and beyond the tooling and software evolution, it is a whole new organization mindset that needs to be put in place. Global visibility on activities and risks related to data management must be attained, and the right priority level must be set to push for GDPR requirements.

It will therefore be necessary to create a new governance for GDPR activities. A DPO (Data Protection Officer) can be named, whose office will combine the technical and legal skills required to do the job.

As data protection impact analyses are required, GDPR is also a great place to start reevaluating the risks your enterprise is facing, and strengthen your contractual relations with your supplier.

TnBS consultants are here to help you in the GDPR implementation process. But beyond GDPR, we can also work together on how to identify and leverage your data, which is one of your most precious assets.