Information System Modernization

Our field knowledge of Telco solutions and our claimed independence will help you redefine your IT and choose the best fit for reaching your business objectives.
We can help you define the target architecture of your IS and choose strong partners that will ensure your success. DevOps, micro-services and containerization will no longer remain buzzwords.

Urbanism, Architecture, Restructuration Of Your Information System

Your information system frequently requires incremental changes. However, there are times when brand new systems must come in the picture to support your business

Those high-risk projects, most of the time challenging your business-as-usual, must be carefully prepared in terms of architecture and scope to ensure a coherent evolution of your information system landscape. Strategy and tactics will be required to define the target state, and the steps to reach it, from your legacy environment.

TnBS can support you to prepare and lead the urbanization of your IS to respond to complex changes. As business must remain running while transforming, we will help you define the right organization that will manage both the BaU to secure today and the transformation program to prepare for tomorrow.

There are multiple key areas:

– The strategical and economics objectives of entities and their translation into Information Systems objectives
– The business and functional objectives based on the definition of the target processes
– The technical objectives and constraints, by taking into account strengths and weaknesses of the current Information System in terms of hardware, software, and pools of data.

We can help you create the target architecture that will meet these combined challenges, through the analysis of your current organization and IS landscape, and by matching your goals through the prism of standards (like TMForum TAM). We will offer you a progressive – but committed – IS transformation which will find natural meaning and support by taking advantage of business and technical opportunities at each step.

We are able to combine the best expertise of Change managers, Project leaders, Business Analysts and Software/Technical architects, which will support you in handling the various aspects that must be mastered to ensure success: technical choices, functional architecture, security aspects, network impacts, but also organizational changes and contract management, which are a huge key of success

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Proof Of Concept Definition And Management

You know your business case, but you want to be sure to find the right solution. And you are right, as the wrong choice can seriously lower your chance of success

When you conduct an RFP, you are looking at many different aspects to find the right tool. But sometimes the technical aspect remains overlooked. Or the functional match to your business case is only on paper. TnBS strongly believes that any RFPs involving the selection of a technical solution must be done through a thorough, 360° proof of concept that answers the right questions.

Too many times, we have seen PoCs that only scratch the surface. A shiny, pretty demonstration is made, the wow effect is there, and no one looks under the hood.

Through agile methodologies and a strong technical and software expertise, we can help you step back from the technical solution to really understand what you are buying. Let us first define with you what you really want to get out of the PoC. Will the technology stand if a server crashes? Is it easy to install, easy to operate, easy to configure and extend? How fast can we develop and configure functions on the solution? Is it devops-compatible, and cloud-native? Where are the people that really know how the system works?

And let’s have a look at your most complex – but absolutely necessary – use case to really understand if it is adequate, because the devil is in the details, and you want to find out now if this piece of technology can really address your needs.

Let us help you through this process. Let us be the independent bully that can point where it hurts the most and get the real answers out of your PoC. No solution is perfect. What you really want to know is what does not work, and if you can cope with it

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Infrastructure Modernization - Finding The Right XaaX Solution For Your Needs

Cloud, Edge, SaaS, PaaS, CaaS, IaC… Understand how to modernize your infrastructure can be quite challenging given your current Information System

The infrastructure solutions keep evolving to bring each time even more flexibility and ease of use. Centralizing your Information System seems to be a good start, but with the upcoming 5G coupled with network and server virtualization, an Edge approach could sometimes be the best way to fit to your needs.

Operations, flexibility, specific tooling, long-term investment and commitment to one technology… Even though technology keeps bringing more flexibility, limitations and constraints still exist. To determine the best choice, multiple areas of focus need to be thoroughly analyzed as the investment you will make will be long-term and be a foundation for all your internal and external services. Cloud or on premise? Or both? Virtualization, or containerization ? Which geographical zone for your data centers? Or a multi-cloud approach to remain non-committal and change when you desire?

And what will be your Return On Investment?

How to benefit from new infrastructure technology given your current portfolio and constraints? Which applications will be a burden and remain on your legacy infrastructure, while others can be easily moved and transposed to a more flexible and agile one? Also how to change your IT ways of working and developing to move to Cloud Native applications and fully leverage the power of the Cloud?

TnBS will be happy to guide you and help you answer those questions given your unique situation. As an independent advisor, we will guide you towards the right choice by pragmatically looking at each aspects of your requirements, and making sure you make the best investment to secure your future

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Processus And Organization Alignement Towards Digitalization

Moving to Digital brings changes to your processes. Your organization needs to change as well

A Digital Transformation includes a managerial as well as organizational approach that needs to be addressed while changing the Information System.

Document digitalization, 3D printing, RFID, electronic signatures, electronic safes are now available technologies to make your organization more efficient if they are implemented through defined, managed and shared processes.

TnBS strongly focuses on Management, Organization and Innovation, and believes that the Human factor is key in a successful Digitalization program. Our field expertise and large experience of transformation programs can help you identify the business impacts and smoothly handle the change. Our proven methodologies to model and optimize operational processes can help you structure your work and redefine your organization to be more efficient.

Fusions and Acquisitions will also prove challenging and bring many tough questions to address. Information Systems divisions are hardly analyzed before a merge, but in today’s digital world it will be vital to know as soon as possible where to go. Our experience will help you match your business objectives with multi-dimensional targets (offers, processes, omni-channel customer experience, architecture, technical solutions, etc.). Let us support you in defining and executing your transformation programs by building short to long term roadmaps, work on product catalogue consolidation projects, data migration, or setting-up new processes backed up by new technical solutions.

We will also help you define and pilot your change management program, which will be key for keeping a happy and efficient work place.

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GDPR Compliance

GDPR became effective on May 25, 2018. Are you compliant?

Complying with GDPR is not just about making sure you do not get fined. It is about gaining and keeping your customers’ trust, and understanding the power you hold by holding your customers’ data.

To fully comply with GDPR can be challenging, and beyond the tooling and software evolution, it is a whole new organization mindset that needs to be put in place. Global visibility on activities and risks related to data management must be attained, and the right priority level must be set to push for GDPR requirements.

It will therefore be necessary to create a new governance for GDPR activities. A DPO (Data Protection Officer) can be named, whose office will combine the technical and legal skills required to do the job.

As data protection impact analyses are required, GDPR is also a great place to start reevaluating the risks your enterprise is facing, and strengthen your contractual relations with your supplier.

TnBS consultants are here to help you in the GDPR implementation process. But beyond GDPR, we can also work together on how to identify and leverage your data, which is one of your most precious assets.

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Moving to the DevSecOps way of working and setting-up continuous deployment

Beyond the technical automation, DevSecOps is a radical cultural change.

When keeping a separate gate between developers & operations, the objectives of both entities will rarely be aligned. The former will want to push to production as soon as possible, while the latter will want things to remain stable while they work. This historical separation led to misunderstanding, mis-trust, inefficiency, and responsability dilution when it comes to wether the final product was correctly working or not.

Moving to DevOps implies bringing multiple populations under the same roof working toward a common goal. And that's were the magic kicks in. One team to deliver the product. One team responsible from business requirements to production behavior. By combining mindset change and slight modifications in people's roles & responsibilities with a powerful DevOps factory, your organization can move from one push-to-production every 3 months, to multiple every day.

Features unveiling, test automation, Infrastructure-as-Code, a an efficient code version control... the technology is now ready for a massively automated feature build & deploy, reaching 0 human intervention throughout the whole process.
Of course this is not something that can happen in a few months, and the road is paved with challenges -the toughest one being your legacy applications that will lower the possibilities-. But the road to continuous delivery is possible, and is already a reality in many industries. Cultures must change, technical difficulties will arise. It remains important to determine where & how to start this new way of building applications, and create a roadmap to a full DevOps IS Division.

TnBS can help you define & steer this strategy. We will guide you towards making the right technological choices, choosing the best talents and setting up the new ways of working. We will take pragmatic approachs, understand the current roadblocks and help you lift them one by one. We believe that the way to go is by taking small steps, demonstrate value, and convince by example. The organization changes can be massive, so change management as also a key role to play.

So were are you today on the DevOps scale?

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