After painfully building a new data warehouse and Business Intelligence system, users’ business acceptance can remain thin. We all had this experience

The implementation of a Big Data platform should have considerably changed data warehouses, but the Data lake has become a Data Swamp, where it is difficult to expose the right data to the final customer.

Data sources continue to proliferate despite the desire to centralize, and users always ask for more flexibility and agility. This is incompatible with traditional methods of data consolidation. Governance becomes complex, and systems of ad-hoc analysis and excel files multiply.

Data virtualization was born to counter this typical pattern. The keys of this concept are agility, speed and the exposure of data without replication. With sophisticated technologies of implementation, data virtualization is a technical enabler allowing you to quickly introduce a data governance solution. A centralized team identifies which data has to be exposed, under what model and to what population. It implements this exposure in hours instead of weeks.

The IT team is then able to answer requests and works hand-in-hand with the business team to iteratively build an exposed data model that is more and more complete. By using the existing data warehouses, Big Data, systems sources, APIs, web pages and all scattered files in your Information System, data virtualization makes it possible to simply, uniformly and safely expose this data to your users or your application.

We can guide you towards the implementation of this enabler. Let us convince you with a Proof of Concept in few days, to completely change your way to manage data exposure