Keeping a customer is cheaper than obtaining a new one

In the actual economic context, companies focus on their customers and how to increase their revenue from them.

The individual behaviour of the customer is scrutinized, from the upstream period to the purchase itself but also during the use of the product or service which he or she buys.

Digitalization makes it possible to collect this data, which is mainly interesting to customize the customer relationship.
But why not leverage this available data and use it like a new growth driver? For example, a telecom operator or a connected service provider can use the geo-localization of his customers to build a matrix of the journeys of the population corresponding to its business segments. Next they could resell them to air transport actors who could use them to optimize the number of aircraft, the daily frequency of the flights, the number of available seats, etc. There are many other examples. It is necessary to know what to make of this data, how to analyze it in a relevant way and transform it to serve the company business or take advantage of it to create revenue.
A world study shows that more than half of companies recognize that Big Data became an engine of growth, which is as precious to them as their existing products and services. About 80% of these companies think that the value will come from using this information in real time.

TnBS can offer you the following services:
– To define and to coordinate the directions of the company around the same vision.
– To drive the choice and the implementation of the technology best suited to the strategy of your company

Whatever your domain of activity is, based on their proven method, TnBS consultants will help you identify the use cases most suited to your organization, in a few workshops. This scoring of use cases takes into account the organization, business expectations, data availability in the information system and their impact on the existing processes.

An 18 months roadmap of use cases is generally necessary to implement a well-balanced Big Data project that can give quick results through tools of virtualization to improve the company’s performance or customers’ satisfaction.