Digitalization Strategic Plans

Helping you define where you are, where you want to go, and how to go there. Building strategic and operational plans to launch the right actions at the right time.
Our wide experience of transformation programs and our domain expertise gave us the knowledge, the experience and the tools to help you define and build your future.

Information System, IT And Network Infrastructure Strategic Plans

The success of a Digitalization process depends on many factors. The first thing you want to master is your Information System

Our experience gained through many VP positions in large telecommunications companies enables us to guide you in this process, and build your Strategic IT plan.

Our knowledge of new technologies and key aspects of Digitalization will help you refine your strategy, while our operational knowledge will help you deploy it throughout your whole company.

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Digital Maturity Model: Helping You Know Where You Stand On The Digital Rank

Digital Transformation is not only about technology

It’s also about culture, organization, and processes. Skills will also be a key investment into your success. Interactions with your customers and partners will also be impacted.

To effectively move to Digital, your company must undergo a comprehensive transformation: not only of how you handle and organize your work, but also through a constant challenging of your talents.

This transformation must be driven by clear business and financial objectives. TnBS can bring you the methodology and the tools to assess your current situation, help you understand where you want to go, where you need to go, and support you in pragmatically deploying your transformation plan across your whole company.

Our partnership with the TMForum as DMM Certified consultants enable us to structure the approach, assess all aspects of Digitalization, launch actionable plans, and give you the means to achieve and follow your transformation in the long run.

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Identifying Quick-Wins, Opportunities And Building The Associated Business Plan

A Digital Strategy must make it possible to identify key aspects to address

A Digital Strategy must make it possible to identify key aspects to address, e.g. a targeted effort on a customer-oriented process. Focusing on specific, tactical aspects can sometimes bring a lot of value without requiring a total overhaul of your Information System or organization. In other settings, however, strong modifications are required, through bigger investments. Those are high-risk projects whose scope can be difficult to define.

We can help you in this process by building Business Plans and help you distinguish low-hanging fruits from larger challenges. Costs and risks vs. gains identification will then be the key to building your roadmap. Let our business, technical and project skills help you build your case. Our strong experience of similar digitalization projects will help you quickly set up your programs, and have a clear view on what you can expect in term of progressive Return On Investments.

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Leveraging Big Data And Advanced Analytics Technologies

Implementing a successful Digital Strategy requires knowledge, and knowledge requires data.

Accurate Data, up-to-date Data, and actionable Data.

Data from your customers, from your partners, from your own services will be key in understanding where you excel vs. where you need to improve. Leveraging Big Data technologies and data lakes is the stepping stone to a brand new level of digitalization: Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Customer Experience Management, Robotic Process Automation… Data enables those technologies. But acquiring quality data is quite complex. It requires a strong strategy, clear objectives, a data-aware enterprise organization, and the right technology choices.

Let us accompany you in building your data management stream. Use our strong practical experience of Big Data projects and our knowledge of the relevant use cases to implement to create a differentiating digital strategy.

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Internet Of Things Strategy

2020 will be the year when more than 20 billion of connected objects will interact with each other.

The stakes are very high for CSPs, and being a part of this growing market requires new strategic investments.
New networks like 5G, LoRa, Li-Fi, and SigFox will need to be developed, new platforms and connectivity services have to be built. This mix of new technology must now be part of every CSP’s strategy.

Business models will change, monetization aspects will also be impacted with a decreasing revenue per device, but a massively growing amount of them.

To face newcomers, historical CSPs must review their strategies to be providers of new kind of IoT services, instead of just bringing connectivity to this new ecosystem. To do so, many changes need to be planned and implemented from the enterprise organization, IT, network, and business sides.

Our combined expertise in BSS and OSS systems, network and IT deployments and in deploying a transformation throughout the enterprise can help you address this new business or strengthen your position.
Let us support you in building your strategy to success, and deploying the changes at each level of your company.

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Getting The 360° View Of Your Customers

To remain competitive, by 2020 any company will have to offer a digital, seamless, and exceptional experience to all of its customers

The slightest communication error can lead to dramatic consequences, and not knowing what your customer is going through is just not acceptable anymore – it generates frustration, brand noise, and inevitably, churn.

The customer experience often starts without the company being aware of it. It starts via social networks, or customer feedbacks on websites. It continues while the customer is interacting with your business, through interactions with your websites, your apps, your agents, but also through the use of your services. To successfully manage your customers’ experience, you need to gain a deep knowledge of all their interactions with your brand, and to exceed your customers’ expectations during each one of them.

Companies that have successfully implemented a strong Customer Experience Management excel in their ability to leverage the knowledge they have of their customers, but are also strongly flexible in terms of internal collaboration and customer strategy. CX is indeed a company-wide initiative, and requires strong coordination within the organization with a rapid reaction to change.

Our expertise in Customer Experience Management solutions for the telecommunications industry, combined with our Big Data skills set will help you set up the organization, governance, and tools that will allow you to better understand the behavior and feelings of your customers. By implementing the right business and operational strategy, we will help you drastically improve your Net Promoter Score

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Robotic Process Automation And Processes Digitalization

Manual, repetitive tasks are slowing you down. They are cost intensive, error-prone, and are also preventing you from making your processes fully digital.

One critical aspect of a Digital Transformation is to recognize those hindering tasks, and plan for their automation.

Today’s Robotic Process Automation technologies are not what they were 10 years ago. Using Artificial Intelligence, they observe, they adapt to change, and they perform greatly. From automating information gathering and sharing to fully automating manual tasks, RPA is now a valid option compared to a full revamp of your information system. RPA will bring an iterative, cost-efficient alternative to integrating legacy systems, and will help you reduce your staff’s arduous work while building new, more efficient systems.

Let us guide you in finding the low hanging fruits, and support you in deploying an RPA implementation that will give you tangible gains at tenth the cost of traditional legacy integrations.

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