The customer journey has been digitalized and the multichannel/omni-channel relationship is setting the standard

The new major challenge for any company in 2020 is to offer an exceptional experience to all of its customers. Customer expectations are indeed increasingly growing in this new digital world, in which the slightest communication error can have dramatic consequences for a company, and where the lack of detailed information on customers’ context can generate great frustrations.
The customer experience often starts without the company knowing about it, via social networks or through the company brand impact on internet. It evolves constantly while the customer interacts with your company, via multiple channels, but also uses your services. To successfully manage your customers’ experience, you need to gain a deep knowledge of all their interactions with your brand and their experience at each of these stages. The specificities of the telecommunications industry bring additional complexity to monitoring customers’ experience with the quality of the services used, but when correctly implemented, this information can bring priceless value to better understand your customers and meet their needs.
The top companies in customer management are the ones who can leverage their knowledge of their customers, and are also the best in terms of internal collaboration, strategy and organizational Agility. At TnBS, we consider that the digitalization of the customer relationship is the best way to improve Customer Experience and to conduct a successful transformation.
Our expertise in Customer Experience Management solutions combined with our Big Data skills will enable you to set up the required organization, governance, and tools to allow you to better understand the behavior and experience of your customers, and define the best Business Strategy to improve your Net Promoter Score.