The digital transformation of companies is not only a matter of choosing and implementing new technologies

Optimizing operational performance also means adapting the organization and the business processes, and also training and supporting human resources. Involved for many years in the modeling and optimization of operational processes, the founders of TnBS have developed their own methodology based on animated graphic scenario representations. These scenarios are then published and shared in the company in order to involve the largest number of employees. They are thus encouraged to express themselves, in a more playful and free way on the hypotheses considered. The opinions collected serve as a basis for improvement and give rise to a new cycle of improvement. An additional benefit of this approach is to facilitate the participation of external actors in the business, whether they are customers or suppliers. It is also a way for the company to initiate an open innovation approach. TnBS consultants regularly address such topics and are able to provide advice and support on your projects. Do not hesitate to contact us