We drive your digital transformation.

Specializing in digital transformation, TnBS has offices in France and Spain. Capable of interventions on a global scale, TnBS supports you in your strategic thinking while committing itself operationally.

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Our customers

Our Mission

The success of your Digital Transformation.

We put our expertise at your service for the definition and execution of your Transformation Program.

Our Services

Digitalization Strategic Plans

Helping you define where you are, where you want to go, and how to go there. Building strategic and operational plans to launch the right actions at the right time.

Our wide experience of transformation programs and our domain expertise gave us the knowledge, the experience and the tools to help you define and build your future.

Transformation Program Management

Defining, leading, or managing a transformation program.
We bring expertise in change management, program management, data migration.

Our experience in large and complex transformation Programs will help you start on strong tracks – and keep the program on it

Information System Modernization

Our field knowledge of Telco solutions and our claimed independence will help you redefine your IT and choose the best fit for reaching your business objectives.

We can help you define the target architecture of your IS and choose strong partners that will ensure your success. DevOps, micro-services and containerization will no longer remain buzzwords.

Our Fields of Play

Innovative Technologies and Telecommunications Industry

We are members of ETSI and TMForum. We have experience in all major domains of Telco processes and functions.
We can help you redefine or enhance your BSS / OSS solution, shape the future of your network, or ride the 5G wave.

As CSPs progressively turn into digital ecosystems enablers, our strong experience in this industry is an asset we are keen to transpose to any other one.

Digitalization and Customer Experience Management

Digitalizing business processes requires deep organizational and cultural changes in the way Information Systems are built.

Our expertise in Change Management and Project Agilization coupled with our hands-on knowledge of key enablers and devops methodologies will help you walk the right path towards Full Digitalization.

Enterprise Data Management and Monetization

Data is one of the key of future business models and to a next-generation Customer Experience.

We have built an ecosystem around Data Management, helping you know where you stand, start you initiative or recover the benefits of your current implementation.

Our value proposition

Customer Oriented

Your long-term satisfaction is our mission. We adapt our work to your needs with agility & flexibility. Our independence & integrity are our pride: our interests are yours, and only yours.

The experience, the seniority, and the expertise of our consultants

But sometimes experts skills might be missing for a particular mission. When that happens, we take pride in our extensive partner network to get you the best profile for the job.

Operational first

We are operational consultants. We will give you actionable deliverables, inputs & counsels that will quickly make a difference on the field. Our experience tells us what works, and what doesn't, as our consultants are all senior profiles. If we think we can't deliver the mission, then we will no take it.

Our experience in large transformation programs

Transformation programs are our core domain. Leading those projects to their success is our passion & what we do best.


“During the project I appreciated the technical expertise of T&BS, their agility and business orientation, as well as their capacity to work with all the countries and with every level of stakeholders.”

France Heringer JallotSenior VP Customer Experience and Sales, Orange Group

“TnBS a su s’adapter rapidement à nos spécificités et a apporté une expérience opérationnelle dans ces étapes de notre transformation. Les consultants TnBS travaillent ainsi en forte synergie avec notre équipe, aussi bien internes qu'externes.”

Alain DebetzDirecteur Général, C.G.O.S