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Digital Migration and Customer Relationships

All business activities of companies are affected by this digital mutation, and many of them are now entering a transformation phase while unfortunately only considering technological aspects. Behind the words CEM, Big Data, omnichannel and customer journey, there are fundamentals, such as the business model and organization of the company. Our job is to support you in all discussions related to the digital transformation of your company.

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Information System Modernization

Whether or not your company is technologically savvy, your Information System needs to be constantly updated, in order to meet business and organization evolutions. You deserve to use modern and simple tools in your day to day activities and you also deserve to stay within your budget. Ask a T&BS expert to evaluate your current situation and we will guide you in your choices and help you modernize your Information System, so that your development, operation and maintenance costs are optimized.

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Transformation Management

Managing digital transformation, or more generally the digital revolution, is the only way for companies to succeed and adapt to the new economy: Every company and industry is concerned. T&BS is a management, organization and innovation consulting firm able to help your company manage this transition and be successful. Our cross-funcional expertise for large service Telecom operators gives us a unique positioning and makes T&BS a key partner in assisting customers in their transformation strategies. Our expertise supports your development.

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Network Virtualization and Softwarization

The telecommunications industry is undergoing a period of profound change. Virtualization, cloud development, and the emergence of disruptive technologies (NFV and SDN) will deeply change the daily life of your businesses. Are you ready? Technical architecture, innovative services, processes, organization and HR will be altered. You will have to reinvent your business and intensify your efforts to stay in touch with your customers.ready to discuss these issues with you. At T&BS, member of TMForum, this is what we do every day and we are ready to discuss these issues with you.At T&BS, member of TM Forum, this is what we do every day and we are ready to discuss these issues with you.

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Founded in 2014, T&BS is an independent company, member of the TM Forum©.

Our know-how is based upon the experience of a variety of IT and digital communication experts, whose expertise covers a wide range of functional domains.

Specialized in Digital Transformation, T&BS has offices in Paris and Madrid. Providing services all around the world, T&BS serves its clients in strategic thinking and operational engagement.

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